Best tours in Wadi Rum

Experience this magical ecosystem of the Jordanian desert features sweeping red sand dunes and towering sandstone arches in the company of the most qualified guides that will give you an unforgettable experience.
A Classic Full day Overnight Jeep tours
24-30 hours
Half day Overnight Jeep tour
4-5 hours
3 hours Jeep tour Overnight
3 hours
Full day Jeep Tour
24h hours
Half day Jeep Tour with lunch
4-5 hours
3 hours Jeep Tour
3 hours
Classic 2 hours Jeep Tour
2 hours
Two days
 with overnight
36 hours
30 hours
Scrambling And Hiking
30 hours
Two days Trekking
36 hours
Half a day overnight camel ride
24 hours
A Camel ride in the night
1 hour in the night
Ride a camel in Sunrise
1h30 hours
Ride a camel in Sunset
1h30 hours
3 hours Camel ride
3 hours
One hour Camel ride
1 hour