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Wadi Rum is a very spectacular desert resort that is situated in south of Jordan, about 70 km. to the north of Aqaba.

19Wadi Rum is very famous for its high mountains and pink sand. Actually, its as famous as Petra, one of the world's seven wonders. It’s a popular tourist attraction for those whom nature provokes them to explore it and its desert beauty.

As a desert area, Wadi Rum is sometimes difficult to reach that is because it is about 30 Km. far from the main highway between Aqaba and Amman. However, this fact has given Wadi Rum its unique characteristic as a remote and peaceful area. Because it's located in the desert, you do not want expect to find luxurious hotels or spas in Wadi Rum.

However, you may find numerous tourists camps, which offer tourists with the special Bedouin experience in the desert and give them the chance to sleep under the stars in single tents. In additions, tourists may not use ATMS or banks; instead they can go to local shops to buy what they need. Tourists can also use the buses that run between Rum and Aqaba, one at 1:00 PM and the other at 3:00 PM, which also comes from Petra and leaves at 6:30 AM and leaves to Petra at 8:00 AM.

One you arrive at the visitors' center, you will find the necessary information. You can also reserve a guide, who can take you on special trips to Wadi Rum and can speak English as well. If you want to have a guide, you are advised to call two days prior to your arrival. Visiting Wadi Rum gives you the chance to get in touch with some Bedouins traditions and customs.

If you were lucky enough, you may get the chance to visit some local Bedouin tribes by using the four –wheel vehicles, riding on camels or maybe just walking plus other tourists' activities.


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